Inexpensive jewelry in Chicago
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I need to buy a sterling silver ring, Celtic-design and others too, in Chicago, sometime soon. Any recommendations? I live along the red line and thus that would be most convenient for me.
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A suggestion for very inexpensive (read kinda cheapo) silver jewelry is the Alley, a huge store that sells all kinds of stuff (think supermarket-sized stoner store) near the Belmont el stop- 3222 N Clark. I'd only recommend it for cheap stuff though, not sure what you're looking for specifically.
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If you take the red line to the end of the line south you are in Beverly, one of the largest Irish neighborhoods in the city and home of the largest neighborhood parade in the US (the St. Paddy's Day parade aka the South Side Irish Parade.) You'll have a hard time not finding Celtic jewelry in Beverly. After perusing one of the fine shops, hoist a pint at Cork and Kerry. Zip codes include 60642, -20, -43, and -55.
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