.dmg files won't mount...
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My iBook is not loading .dmg files.

When I double click on a .dmg file, I see the little animation of the icon zooming out, but then nothing. I've tried multiple files, but each one does the same thing. I tried opening DiskImageMounter itself, but no luck.

I'm running OS 10.3.9
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As a general recommendation, clean out your Apple cache files. You’ll find OS X’s cache files in:

Macintosh HD > System > Library > Caches
Macintosh HD > Library > Caches
Macintosh HD > Users > User Folder > Library > Caches

Specifically, the Launch Services cache files are probably the source of the problem.

Launch Services runs in the background, and any time you double-click on a file to open it, Launch Services intervenes. If its caches are corrupt, you may not be able to open certain types of files.
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Best answer: go to versiontracker.com and download cacheoutX.
Also try it on a different account to see if it makes a difference. Also do a permissions check/repair using the disk utility.
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I had this exact problem recently -- I had to reassociate the correct utility with the file type. This will seem oversimplistic, but it solved my problem and might be so simple that someone wouldn't think of it ... Cmd-i to get info, then change "Open With" to DiskImageMounter. I think StuffItExpander had done something strange to the association behind my back.
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Response by poster: *sigh* Disk Utility did the job. Feel kind of dumb for not doing that before running to AskMe. It was just one more thing to worry about, you know? Thanks, y'all.
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heh, there has been quite some discussions on the net regarding the value of running permission repair, as that is almost but Mac-history. You on the other hand were still running 10.3.9, where this still made a real difference. Good to remember! Now go upgrade to Tiger ;-)
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