Shopping in Brussels
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Shopping in Brussels? A friend and I will be in Brussels for one afternoon and she wants to buy a dress for a wedding. Semi-formal but she is not into designer. Any tips on shopping in Brussels? I only know the main square and a few streets around that?
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Rue Neuve (Nieuwstraat) has TONS of nice shops - it's a few blocks from the Grand Place, which is probably the main square you were referring to. The closest Metro station is Hotel des Monnaies (Munthof).
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If she's got some serious cash to throw around, there are some high end shops around Avenue Louise, on the inner ring of Brussels near Ixelles. Another hot little spot is the Sablon (Grote Zavel in Dutch). Both of these areas are located southeast of central station. I can't guarantee you any success on the dress front, but you're surely have fun shopping.
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on Rue Dansaert, at Stijl, they'll be happy to satisfy all your Ann Demeulemeester and Dries Van Noten needs
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Whenever I am in Brussels I faithfully visit the Adolfo Dominguez boutique. Although he is a well known spanish designer, the prices are very affordable and the quality very high. Avenue Louise.
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Best answer: Aside from Stijl, there's also Y?dress (Dansaertstraat), Comme des Garçons (Leon Lepagestreet, close to Dansaert, bring creditcard), Natan (both Dansaertstraat and near the Avenue Louise). If you do the three streets surrounding the Dansaert, you'll find something.

Rue Neuve is more of a franchising street (with Esprit, Levi's stores, that sort of thing), except for the Inno Galeria, which is a department store with both upscale and less upscale stuff.
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Another vote for around rue Antoine Dansaert for stylish but a bit pricey.

If she's into vintage clothes, then there's a couple on rue des Eperonniers and one on rue du Marché au Charbon that are very good, and both right into the centre by the Bourse.

Rue Neuve is not at metro Hôtel des Monnaies, by the way - it's at métro Rogier.
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Response by poster: Great tips!
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