Which Dilbert cartoon was it?
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There was a Dilbert cartoon a while back about a really stupid client not knowing what they want, etc... Anybody know which one? Or able to find that one? Thanks.
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That's, like... every Dilbert cartoon, ever. Can you be more specific?
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Yeah, I know it..! Oh wait, I must be thinking about the one where the boss thought a really irrational new policy was totally reasonable. Never mind.
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Was this part of the story arc where Wally was being lazy?
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Dilbert.com and start paging back through them. Do you know about how long ago it was?
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My coworker has a sunday strip pinned up on her desk where the girl, Alice, is trying in vain to pin a client down about software requirements. The punchline has the guy saying "Can you write the software to tell you my requirements?" Does that sound familiar?
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Does the one you're thinking of feature Dilbert saying to the client, "You will have to do some actual work, you know," and the client replying, "That's crazy talk"?

If so, it's a really good one and my partner (a computer programmer) says it was posted at his former workplace for a really long time. Oh, and he says, "Good luck finding it!"

He thinks that one is from before April, 2003.
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Best answer: Here's the cartoon I'm thinking of from this impressive but oddly laid out (and infringing?) archive.
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Is it the one (or in the same series) where Alice has a meltdown and says that the software can do anything she designs it to do? A friend has that frame as an avatar on another board, so it's fresh in my head. She's had it as an avatar for at least a year...
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Response by poster: The one I marked was the one I was looking for. Thanks. If anybody knows that one mentioned about about the "crazy talk" one, that sounds appropriate too.
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Response by poster: Found the 'crazy talk' one on that archive.

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I work in Software Requirements, and I have that one up on my wall...
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That's just hilarious and amazing that GeekAnimator got it on the first shot, based on that incredibly common descriptor of a Dilbert strip. Good job GA!
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GeekAnimator's answer is the one I would have answered myself - my team has that one posted on the wall, and I thought of it as soon as I read the question.

Don't forget, mauve has the most RAM.
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