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Where can I find videos of the Jimmy the Cab Driver skits from MTV....specifically the one where he sings the beginning of 'Black Dog'?

MTV used to have short commercial skits with a character named Jimmy the Cab Driver. In one of them, when he thought something was cool he would bang on the dashboard of his cab and sing the opening riff to Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog”. A buddy of mine used to do this with me in parody. We’ve tried searching google, youtube and other places with no luck. The only ones we can find are the MoveOn spots and 'Jimmy runs the city'. Can anybody help us find this skit?
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I have an MTV videotape with a bunch of shorts -- I'll try to check for you and see what's on there. I bought it for the Frank Sinatra impersonator skits (there are only one or two!), but I think Jimmy the Cab Driver is on there. Not sure if it's the one you're looking for though.
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I have that same tape. I know it has some of those cab driver shorts on it, but I don't know about the Black Dog one specifically.

There's a copy going on ebay, too.
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"I shall call you Roy! and together we will...ah man!"
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Absolutely loved Jimmy. Watching this with interest.
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I want to note that the actor is Donal Logue from Blade, Steal This Movie and the sitcom Grounded for Life.

Just to get extra keywords in there for future searches.
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