Can you identify the insturments in Matisse's (The Joy of life)?
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What are the musical instruments depicted in Matisse's 'Le bonheur de vivre(The Joy of life)' called?

Rather than swamp some particular website, Googling here.

I had thought they were pan flutes, but those are apparently made from reeds. I do seem to remember some depictions of pan dancing with two flute/horn/recorders like the ones being played down center. Has my brain snapped a cog?
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Clarinets or soprano saxes.
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I think you're talking about the aulos.
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Rhaita? Matisse does have a Morocco connection.
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I don't know if it's really in the Matisse, but as far as the depiction of Pan, I think Nekton is's probably the aulos. You might have seen a picture of Marsyas, since he is a satyr famous for getting beat up by Apollo...

I think I remember seeing a random Satyr playing one of those things in the D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths.
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Definitely the aulos. Check out the lady in the front. If it were a clarinet or saxophone, she'd be doing something more like this guy.

[Forgive me; I just really wanted to post a Rashaan Roland Kirk picture.]
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