Importing DS Games
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I want to import a Japanese Nintendo DS game.

I want to purchase a copy of Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! What importers are reliable, affordable and fast? I live in the United States.
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ebay is very reliable for having this kind of stuff, although all the usual ebay warnings apply
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Maybe you already know this, but there'll be a US version of this game, called Elite Beat Agents, in Q4 2006. Not a localized version, but an all-new game (second in the series, I suppose).
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Lik-Sang is probably a safe bet as well. For example, here is your game.
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Second with the Lik Sang recommendation. I imported my pure white DS (before the DS Lites were announced) + case + 4 games, and although the initial processing time took a little while, the shipping was extremely fast and efficient and it all arrived neatly packaged in a small (heavy) box. Can't get much better than Lik Sang.
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Considering you're in the US, NCS are probably your best bet since an order from them will ship from within the country - I'm not sure whether you guys have trouble with import duty over there, but considering they're charging almost exactly the same price as Lik-Sang and Yes-Asia you might as well avoid the whole issue.

I've used all three importers loads of times over the past few years, and can definitely vouch for them being trustworthy, although Lik-Sang orders can often take quite a while to arrive if you go for the basic shipping.

(Good call on getting Ouendan, by the way - it's one of the best games I've played in years)
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