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I need travel websites that are specific to a single destination.

I'm trying to put together a list of websites that are about specific destinations. Whether they be tourism websites or blogs about a city or state. They can range from sites like Gawker or Gothamist to New York Magazine. Any help from anywhere in the world would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Las Vegas
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Not positive it's what you're looking for, though. If it is, see the top of the dcist page; they also have blogs for:
Paris | Philadelphia | São Paulo | San Francisco | Shanghai | Seattle | Toronto | Washington DC
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I'm retarded. I didn't realize Gothamist was related to DCist. But I guess that makes sense.... As I said, I'm not a very smart person.
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Sorry for the self-promotion, but I've written a number of budget oriented travel guides for specific destinations. Here's Portland, OR and the Mayan Riviera. I also have guides to the Olympic Peninsula, Victoria, BC, and Helena, MT but I've probably done enough self-linking. Good luck on your project.
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something like this? This company has developed beautiful websites about major travel destinations
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This year's Webby winner for tourism: 100% pure New Zealand.
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