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Where online can I get Clarks shoes in (or delivered to) Australia?

Over the years I've bought several pairs of Clarks Desert Boots and Desert Trek (seam shoes). I'd buy more, but for one small problem...

I know my size, I know the style I want, I've found tons of online stores that have them in stock - but I've had no luck finding an online retailer that will ship to the Antipodes - specifically, Brisbane, Queensland. Any suggestions for stores (online or otherwise) that sell Clarks and will ship to Australia?
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It looks like do international shipping.
(But I've always found my Desert Treks in Perth without too much trouble, so SURELY there's a real-life shop in Brisbane that sells them....)
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Have you considered using a service like ShopTheStates as a work-around? I haven't used the service myself yet, but I've heard good reports from others who have (though it was a while back now).
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ShopTheStates isn't too bad, but it's gotten expensive lately.
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Myer, David Jones and Mathers are three popular shops I can think of off the top of my head that all stock Clarks - give them a try first.
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I've done the rounds Myer, David Jones and Mathers and also some of the import shoe stores like "Children of the Revolution" and "Brother Sister" - with no luck. I have no idea why such common shoes are so hard to get all of a sudden. is looking pretty good - I think I'll have to get a couple of pairs at once to get around their ruinous shipping fees though ($40 for first pair - $5 for each pair after that).

I'll have a look at ShopTheStates as well, for other stuff.

Thanks all!
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