Who's the next hot designer?
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We've heard of IDEO and Pentagram. What's your favorite new, lesser-known full-service design firm out there?
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I'm not sure if it qualifies as 'full service' per se, but Adaptive Path does consistantly good work. They seem to be branching out a bit, although not into product design per se.

note: I'm not affiliated with AP, although I know of a few people there, and they all seem to be genuinely hard working, non-ego centered folks who care about good design. Such people do exist apparently ;)
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Duarte. They are seriously hot shit.

In the interest of full disclosure, the company I work for was a client of theirs, but I have no other connection. I just was, and continue to be, impressed by their work.
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Herbst Lazar Bell might be close to what you're looking for.
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