What does "Kommienezuspadt" mean?
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It's the name of a song on Tom Waits' album Alice, in which he repeats the word over and over. I assume it's German, but I can't find any translations. If it's not an actual word, does it at least sound like something in German?
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"Komme nie zu spät" means "never be late"
but I don't know if that's what he's actually singing.
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Just listened to the Amazon extract and it does sound like that's what he's singing. This site seems to suggest the same.
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Is it track 5, Kommienezuepadt? Nope, not German. Doesn't sound enough like 'komm nie zu spät", either. Sounds like Tom Waits mumbling with a Dutch accent, or possibly some sort of Bavarian mumbo-jumbo.
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Ach so, so it is. That's what i get for only looking at the misspelled title on the Amazon track list.

The lyrics mean "Don't ever be late... be on time (punctual)!"
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And what's the "zaiboglish" that he sings in the same song?
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the actual song title is Kommienezuspadt which must be a kind of bastardisation of 'komme nicht zu spät' (which means what ClarissaWAM says it means - the album 'Alice' was recorded (or at least the songs were premiered) in Germany. The other line is 'Sei pünktlich' which means 'Be on time!'.

I think it's a brilliant song. Shame the liner notes give no idea of where the lyrics came from.
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I liked it better when I still thought he was maniacally singing "zaiboglish! zaiboglish!".
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awww... sorry, evariste, for raining on your parade.
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Well, the question has been answered, but I just thought I'd chime in and say the song is a perfect example of Tom Wait's crazy genius.
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It's worth noting that the song makes more sense in the context of a retelling of Alice in Wonderland. The narrator of the song is (one can only assume) The March Hare, talking about how he can't be late. Contrast this song with the words and music of that other Alice musical, and that in a nutshell is the "crazy genius" of Tom Waits.
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altolinguistic-don't worry about me, I'll live.

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Hildago-wow, that's a great little find.
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What's he building in there?
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No One Knows I'm Gone
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