Information about La Paz, in Baja California, Mexico?
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Can anyone share any first hand experiences in La Paz, Mexico? My wife has a distant relative who owns a bed and breakfast there, and we're having a hard time finding specific information about the town, nearby beaches, etc.

La Paz seems to be a small town outside Los Cabos, but the information we're finding is sort of sketchy to base a trip for week or ten days there. The stuff I'm finding online and in guidebooks is pretty vague. In fact, it appears that most sites simply use stock photos of Baja as illustrations.

Some specific questions I have:

How far are the nice beaches from town? The bed and breakfast I referred to is near the center of town, and I'd like to get an idea as to how far everything is. Also, are the beaches right by the town any good at all?

Is the town itself quiet at night? I'd like to have some nearby bars and restaurants, but would prefer to avoid loud nightclubs and such.

Is the nearby diving/snorkeling any good? Again, I can find info that diving/snorkeling spots exist, but no details past that.

Any recommended way to travel from the Cabo San Lucas airport?

Is it just plain worth it to go to La Paz?

Any other information or recommendations for excursions nearby are appreciated. My spanish is rusty, but I have gotten along pretty well in the past in other parts of Mexico, Guatemala and Spain I've been to, so I'd be comfortable venturing out a little.
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La Paz is the administrative capital for Baja California Sur.
The Airport is about 10km from town.
Town beach is not really recommended. The really great beaches are 15 km to the North, hire a car, pick up and drop at airport. La Paz in my opinion is far nicer than Cabo. It is quieter but still has a plenty of good places to eat. Given the option of a free ticket to Cabo or a free ticket to La Paz I'd choose La Paz every time. If you must fly to Cabo (the airport is at San Juan de Cabo about an hours drive from Cabo San Lucas) hire a car there and drive to La Paz on a good tarmac road through the mountains.
Diving and Snorkelling North of La Paz in Las Islas de Espiritu Sancto is excellant, in one day trip organised by the dive company located Marina Palmira you can swim with the sea lions. The Sea of Cortez has one of the world's richest marine environments
From the commercial Port of Pichilingue 10 km north of La Paz there are daily ferries across the Sea of Cortez.
If you want crowds and drunks and hookers and blow and wall to wall Americana then Cabo is the place for you.
If you're past all that you will enjoy La Paz, Its well worth visiting.
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Response by poster: Sounds great. I have no desire to go to Cabo.

Is there any kind of shuttle service or bus from the Cabo San Lucas airport to La Paz? I'm not sure I'd want to rent a car for seven or ten days. Is it practical to get to the nice beaches on a daily basis without renting a car? Or is that really the best option?
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jeff - why don't you give your relation a ring and see if he / she has a tame local taxi who could give you a a decent fare to / from Cabo airport. Every time I was in La Paz it was for business. I seem to remember one time when I didn't have a car I got a taxi to take me to the beach and pick me up 5 hours later. As for La Paz itself I found it easy enough to get around by walking.
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Response by poster: adamvasco - I forgot to mention that my relative who owns the hotel speaks very little english... I would probably not be good enough with spanish to have a successful conversation like that over the phone. I will be giving it a try if we do go, hoping someone who works there can be of help.

I was just trying to get more info on the town and area before I made the decision to go.

Thanks for the non-silly answers, all.
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I caught a bus to the San Jose Del Cabo bus station at the Cabo airport and then bought a ticket to La Paz. It cost about ten dollars and took about 2 hours and was a very scenic ride along the west coast.
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