How to find a manufacturer in the UK
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How do I find a manufacturer for a product I'd like to produce?

I'm in the UK and have an idea for a product that I'd like to have manufactured. It's a fairly simple item to make with just a few materials (a bit of wood, metal and fabric) that would need to be cut to size and assembled together. How would I go about finding a manufacturer for something like this? I've googled for manufacturers, etc. but it's such a generic term that I'm just not coming up with anything.

What I'd ideally like to find is a company that could do the entire thing (i.e. source the materials, cut and assemble) and simply quote me prices per unit based on various quantities.
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Try looking for 'contract manufacturers'.

Failing locating one with expertise in the types of products you want to produce, look for someone in your are who makes a product with similarities and see if they want a little extra work.

Otherwise, it's not all that hard to set up a manufacturing process.
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Is this large volumes? One time thing? Does it need to stay local? Anymore information you can provide?
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I'd rather not say what it is (it's not going to make anyone millions but could still be fairly simple for someone else to pursue for a few bucks). Volumes would completely depend upon my ability to sell it to retailers. My goal would be to try to sell it to some speciality chains so if I was able to get them to take a few hundred to start I could then potentially be looking at bigger numbers if the item sold well.

It would not necessarily stay local i.e. I would also try to sell the item throughout Europe.

Thanks for any suggestions. And sorry to be so vague.
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I've carried dozens of products into production. If you'd like to chat about yours in detail, email me (address in profile) and I'll be happy to offer what advice I can in a forum where you won't have to reveal too many details about your product. I spent 4 years as VP of Engineering for a contract manufacturer, founded and sold another, consult for a third one periodically.

It's great you have an idea you want to pursue!
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Thanks for that Fauxscot. I'll drop you an email.
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It wouldn't hurt if you could post your results, either, we're all dyin' to know. (seriously) :-)
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