How does this oven work?
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This may sound like a dumb question, but seriously: how do I use my oven?

I've recently moved to a new place, which included a fairly old-looking oven with the console information apparently removed and no brand logo to be found. I'm left with a button to the left of the readout, 7 identical buttons in a row along the bottom, and a dial. All the range burners work just fine, but I cannot determine how to get the oven working.

If I press the right-most button, the dial allows me to set a baking temperature, but after a few seconds displaying "100" the display says "F5", which I presume to be some sort of error, and I must press the far left button (cancel?) to return to the clock. I can hear the oven turning on before it stops heating. Am I missing some important step, or is it simply broken?

The landlord cannot explain how to use it, which I find odd, because she lived here before us, but that is neither here nor there.

It's some manner of Sears-distributed oven, and I think it may be a Roper, but I'm not sure. The model number is 911.7338810 and serial number AC61065.

oven pic
console pic
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Your oven is broken. See here. It doesn't list your model specifically, but it looks like f5 is pretty dang close to an industry standard code for a faulty electronic controller.
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According to ulotrichous's page, the model number seems to confirm your suspicion that it's a Roper. In which case, F5 means either "Failed transistor" or "Replace door/latch switch". Either way, your landlord needs to call out the oven repairer. Easy, and not particularly expensive.
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Make sure your landlords cover this completely or agree to take the cost off next month's rent, as a working oven is required by law in most states.
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That oven panel looked very familiar to me -- I realized there was one very like it in my boyfriend's basement, so I emailed him with a link to your picture of the controls, and here's the scoop. Yours isn't identical to his but this may help once the oven is fixed. He writes:

[My] model is Kenmore 278-3128810 manufactured for Sears Roebuck and Co.

The panel is different but the design looks similar.

Instead of 7 buttons on the bottom, button on left, and knob on right, there is a row of 3 with a row of 4 underneath, along with an oven light button on the left and knob on the right. The knob is labeled "set."

The buttons are labeled as follows:
Bake, Cancel, Broil,
Timer, Clock, Stop time, Oven Time.

In case functionality is the same:
To bake, press bake, knob in the temperature. To stop hit cancel. To set the timer, press timer, then knob to desired time.

Hope that helps!
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Wow, these are all great answers. Thanks so much! Bummer that it's broken, which I assumed was the case, but I'll be sure that the landlord gets it repaired. And when it is repaired, I'll know how it works.
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Some more info just passed to me by my boyfriend about the oven:

I have occasionally had the -F5- error, also after hitting 100. When this happens, the lighting element and the gas don't seem synchronized. Usually, when that happens, it eventually works after multiple tries.

After a few seconds of reading "100", its lowest reading. It never "hits" 100, that is the lowest number that appears when the oven is cold.

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Thanks, Contessa. I'll try doing it a few times in a row, though so far I've had no luck.
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