Palm sync problems
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Can anyone point me to the best Palm Pilot resource? I tried to fix a Palm for someone and after 10 hours I cannot get the sync to work properly. Duplicates is his calendar, triplicates ... etc, and the to top it off, it hangs during a sync. Desperate and willing to pay. Oh - and Agendus is also on his Outlook. Thanks BB
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The easiest way to fix it is to wipe the sucker out and start with a fresh install of PalmOS. Don't resync his stuff back on, reinstall it, or you'll get the same corrupt copies of whathaveyou back on there. (In my experience)
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Best answer: Are there duplicates in his Outlook? If so, get Duplicates Remover for Outlook ( and get Outlook clean.

Also which version of Outlook and which Palm?

Generally, here is what I would do:

Uninstall Palm Desktop and delete any Palm Desktop-related registry keys.

Uninstall Agendus for Outlook.


Reinstall Palm Desktop.

Go to the support page of and make sure you have the most recent Outlook conduits.

Hard reset the Palm device. Make sure all the data is wiped.

Don't sync yet.

Right click on the Hot Sync icon. Select "Custom." Change the conduit for Calendar (Outlook) to "Desktop Overwrites Hanheld." Then go to the Date Book conduit and select "Do nothing" and select "Always do the selected action." This last step is probably unnecessary, but just in case...)

Go back to the Calendar conduit. Click on
Change and then Settings. Carefully read what you see under Settings and make sure everything is as it should be for your particular situation.


If eveything is cool, then install Agendus for Outlook.

Also, if you have not already done so, post this question (in more detail) in the forums at They are really helpful over there.

Good luck
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