Mid-1980's hunting-horns classical album?
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I am looking for a classical music release that I last heard in maybe 1986, and all I remember is this: 1) It was on the Erato label; 2) it was nothing but the kind of horns used in (I think) fox hunting, 3) and the net effect was beautifully weird. Anyone know what the name of the album or group might be?

I should add that it was a normal "album" of discrete pieces, each performed soley (I think) with these hunting-horns.
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Could it be this? :


I searched for "Erato2 and "Horn" on amazon.com. There are other possible titles.
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No, but I'll try more searching on Amazon. Thanks!
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I like to use Tower Records' classical search option (it seems to be more useful than on some other CD sites, and it lets you search by keyword). Several CDs of hunting horn music exist, but there aren't TOO many in the world (there could never be too many!) Try the out-of-print-CD sites too.

Check for: Jagdmusik (Hunt Music) or Jagdhorn (or jagdsignale, anything 'jagd'), Waldhorn, Naturhorn, or pieces referring to St. Hubert (patron saint of the hunt). There's an ENORMOUS list of CDs available at www.koebl.de > CD > CD-Horn (sorry, I don't think they have what you're trying to find, but you could get some more information about what groups have released CDs like this. My mind is blanking on specific names. Argh!)

Also, the Erato label is apparently affiliated with Warner Classics.

Last but not least: Jagdhorn music tends to be kinda raucous. Alphorn music is a little more subdued and a little more "beautiful." Was the music more weirdly beautiful or beautifully weird?
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I've been looking everywhere trying to help you here... But I can't find much of anything. I found evidence of a 1978 recording of the brahms horn trio... not for sale anywhere.

So I guess I only have two recommendations:
- Try looking for "natural horn" recordings to get that "hunting horn" kind of quality. Lowell Greer has some particularly nice stuff out there.

- Check out "The London Horn Sound" or a CD entitled "Vienna Horns" for other music that is pure, unadulterated horn stuff. It can get pretty cheesey at times... But it certainly is a cool sound.
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