Fix my microwave
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I have a sharp carousel r1750 above the range microwave. Back before the warranty was out the control unit (a box with all the buttons and display died) and the warranty guy replaced it. It was as easy as plugging in a hard drive. How do I get the unit to replace it myself, now that it has died again
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Well, you could be old-fashioned and look in the yellow pages (probably under "Appliance Parts"), or you could try the modern equivalent.
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Response by poster: The local Sharp certified service dealers won't get it without doing the install for an extra $50. Plus I thought they might have a significant markup to the unit itself, but even if I am able to save the 50 bucks by self installation it is worth it.
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Marcone stocks a lot of appliance components, and I've had good luck with them. There are 2 stores in Alabama; I recommend going in person since Marcone's website sucks and you can't tell how awesome their inventory actually is.

You need the make, model and part # of your control unit; if it's not stamped on the unit itself, go to Sharp's web page and try to find a diagram showing the parts and their #s. Once you have that, you can ask Marcone if they stock it. If not, they can almost certainly order it for you, unless this model has been out of production for a long time. Getting your parts from a huge parts distributor (who doesn't make any money off of doing the repairs) is usually very economical.
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Best answer: I have ordered from these guys before. Do they have what you need?
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Doing a search on "control panel" in the link I just posted turns up an $85 item called a "control panel sub assembly" that sounds like it might be the ticket.
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