LA's Griffith Park
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I was thinking about going to Griffith Park (Los Angeles) today. I've never been, and it's so massive, I don't even know where to start. A couple of web sites recommend taking the hike up from the observatory. I know the observatory is closed though, and I got the sense that hike is too. My main goal is photography. My secondary goal is to experience an LA treasure that I have shamefully left unexplored. Any experienced advice? Where to Park, what to avoid, what to do? I'll be coming in from the 110 N to the 5 N if that impacts any suggestions as to where to start.
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I don't know the answer to this question. I can tell you from experience that it's best to go to the observatory on clear days. The smog is like a wall up there. You might be able to drive to it even if it's closed.

But for these types of specific photo local questions I've gotten truely great answers from the forums at DP Review and PhotoSIG. The pool of photographers here is good, but is much larger and just as helpful in those two forums. Typically they'll lay out all the classic shots, hidden locations, and links to their own photos.
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I've done that hike - to the top of Mt. Hollywood from the observatory parking lot - even with the Observatory currently closed. Just park on the street below it; the Observatory parking lot itself is fenced off, but the trail (heading up the opposite direction) is still very much open. And I agree about going on a clear day; the views from up there are fantastic.
Other things to do in the Park: visit the old steam engines at Traveltown, go see the Old Zoo (great place for pictures of the old cages that look more like stage sets of ruined castles - not to be confused with the current LA Zoo, which is also open despite its whole entrance area being under heavy renovation) - oh, and Bronson Caves is someplace around the west side of the park; I know they've filmed a bunch of parts of sci-fi TV shows there, so that ought to be worth exploring.
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Thanks guys. Today didn't seem all that clear, so I'm going to wait for a better day. The caves sounded interesting. It looks like it's mostly a good choice for getting a nice view of the Hollywood Sign, but it may be worth a short trip some afternoon.

I'm glad to hear the Mt. Hollywood hike is still doable since it sounds like that may be the place to start. If anybody else happens into this question, feel free to leave any other advice as I'll probably keep checking back here.
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