How do I find a transformer / adaptor for my Sony DSC-P3 (purchased in the U.S.) to make it usable in Italy?
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I'm traveling to Italy from America in a couple of weeks, and I want to take my digital camera (Sony DSC-P3) with me. I went to go buy a power transformer and plug adaptor and the transformer said on the back that it was not for use with computers. Google and the Sony site aren't helping me determine if a regular transformer will be sufficient; they haven't suggested any alternatives either though. I thought I would try mefi travelers before I ask the dude at Radio Shack.

The AC power adaptor that I use to charge the battery right now has the specs of AC in ~100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 11W; that seems like a pretty good range but I'm not an expert.
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You will almost certainly be able to use that in Italy without any special equipment other than a plug adaptor. I've travelled all over Europe and America with my camera charger (same range as yours) and I just had to use a plug adaptor.
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I don't think you need a transformer. The block on your AC adapter should do the trick.

The best bet would be to go to a travel store and ask them what the power requirements are in Italy. Then just make sure your AC adapter is in that range. You'll be able to get the plug adapter there as well. I used the factory AC adapters in Ireland for my camera and computer with no problems at all.
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excellent, thanks, I'm getting similar advice from others as well!
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It will work fine, just get the plug adaptor. This one will work everywhere, this one will not, but it is grounded. To be 100% on the safe side, buy a plug adaptor that has a fuse (if you can find one).
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I've been meaning to get one of these adapters,
I like the design.
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