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Where to get my Toshiba laptop (which I hate and don't recommend) repaired?

First it was having virus-y problems (could no longer access task manager, for instance).

Then it started making a whining/whirring noise, and now I can't boot it with the Toshiba-provided recovery disk.

I am most concerned about paying for a lot of hours that don't result in a working computer.

I'm in Jersey City (which I also hate and don't recommend).
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How old is it? Repair shops will charge ridiculous rates, in general, and if it's only worth a few hundred, you might be better off saving for a new one.

The whirring sound is probably just a bad fan (cheap and easy to fix), but running with a bad CPU fan can mean that your CPU overheated and died. More description of what the computer is currently doing would help.
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It's two years old, and was not behaving badly (except for the minor stuff I now realize was virus-related, e.g., no longer being able to get into task manager) before the noise and failure to boot happend. I am most concerned to get my files moved to another computer, as opposed to making the laptop work. Naturally, I have no backup.
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As long as your hard drive isn't dead, the files are probably intact. It doesn't take a lot of skill to remove the hard drive, and you can hook it up to another computer via an external USB enclosure to recover the files.

Good luck with the laptop. A tech-savvy friend might also be a better route than a repair shop. But at the very least, there are things like Best Buy's Geek Squad that do this stuff.
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Uh, as an ex-Best Buy technician (pre-Geek-Squad), don't go there. It's overpriced and you'll wait a long time. They tell you 3 days, assume 3 weeks. Go find a local independent techician. You'll get a better price and have it fixed sooner.
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There's a Laptop Service Center (Toshiba-authorized) on West 29th Street just off of 7th Avenue in Manhattan. They charge $50 for a diagnostic, and they'll have results for you in 1-2 days. J&R also does diagnostics for the same price, but their wait is longer.

I had a Toshiba for 2.5 years. I got it in August 2003. The hard drive failed for the first time in September 2004. I got it replaced with a new one. It failed for the second time in May 2006. In between, the fan went to shit, and without a cooling pad, it wouldn't stay on for more than 20 minutes. I consulted the person who fixed (for free, which is why I have no price) it the first time, and they told me that a new HD wouldn't last long, and I was better off with a new computer. I've got a new Dell on my lap right now.

I can't vouch for the prices or the service (other than the diagnostic) at the LSC in Chelsea, other than that they exist. I will happily vouch for my new Dell, though.

It cost me 300+ to get the files off my old laptop when it crashed the second time, but according to my sources, I was ripped off. I think a $100 flat fee would be more appropriate?
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im in jersey (boonton), and i agree jersey city and toshibas suck (my wifes from jc). im an network operations engineer, and fix pcs on the side. i will gladly get your files off your laptop for a flat $100, or get your laptop in serviceable shape for a flat $200 (with your files) or i have a few ibm t42s that are in pretty new condition that i can sell you for a good price. contact me if you like (
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