Can you name this drawing?
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I'm trying to identify a drawing by Picasso . . .

In 1997-1998, I had a calendar featuring sketches by Picasso (I believe it was called "Picasso's Peace Drawings"). I really liked one of the drawings and when the year ended, I tore that page out and kept it. Unfortunately, I've long since forgotten the name and have been unable to find out anything about it. Recent versions of the calendar don't seem to include it.

This is a picture of the drawing.

Can anyone give me its title or any information about it? I've been wondering for years!
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I don't know the title of the sketch but it's in this year's Peace & Joy calendar series, and was in last year's too. That might help you track it down - you could call a bookstore, for instance, and ask for the info.
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Picasso drew a dove for a communist congress in 1949 that was heavily reproduced at the time (IIRC, the party asked for a dove and Picasso gave them the closest thing he had).

In '55 he was living mainly in the South of France, which may or may not be relevant, and still heavily involved in the communist party. This may be something he produced for them.

Christian Zervos assembled the catalogue raisonnée of Picasso's painting; not sure if he went on to catalogue the drawings.
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As goofyfoot points out, seems to have been done at about the same time as Grande Colombe Bleu.
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Thanks for the leads, everyone--I really appreciate it!
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You might also try contacting the Picasso Administration via ARS (Artists' Rights Society)
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ooh, after much googling I found it, but there is no title from what I can see. It's in this extensive catalog of his works.

I love the "find this..." challenges here. They exercise my google muscles.
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Oops, except I am blind: The title is at the top when you view the image.

Femmes à la colombe VI
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routergirl, you ROCK!!
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