Help me find a Batman shower curtain...
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Help me find a Batman shower curtain...

My roommate and I have wanted a Batman shower curtain for a few years now, and we've been keeping our eyes peeled, but to no avail.

The curtain, in our heads, would be solid black with the big black-and-yellow Batman logo in the middle.

Has anyone out there seen such a thing?
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You'll need hooks.
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I'm looking for a solid black curtain with a single logo on it.
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Oh, sorry - I thought that was just a "best case scenario" shower curtain.
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Make your own.
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ND¢ - that store you linked to is amazing...
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Call a local sign company and see if you can get one made. They should be able to provide you with either a digital print on vinyl or maybe even a cut vinyl Bat logo applied to vinyl. Ask for their recommendations re: durability. They can even put grommets on the top for you.

It might end up being expensive, and they might have a problem with copyright issues, but if you call enough places, you should be able to find someone to make a one for you.
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Heck, you could probably just buy a black vinyl shower curtain and have a decal made. That should be relatively cheap. You might even want to call a body shop that does custom decals.
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