how to get DVD's onto my iPod
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need help getting DVDs to my iPod

I have a MAC OS X and I just got a new iPod with video and was wondering if it was posible to rip my DVDs onto my computer then transfer them to my iPod.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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just realized the previous was for Windows. This Google search should get you started.
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Handbrake and the new instant version are your friend.
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How to rip DVDs for your iPod using Handbrake.

For most video files, I can recommend iSquint which together with KeepVid allows you to easily (2-step process) take any Youtube video and get it into ipod format.
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I second Handbrake. Handbrake Lite is probably what you're looking for.
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If you just copy files to the iPod like it's a hard drive, will they show up somewhere in the menus? (My last iPod, which lasted quite a while, was a 1G—I'm getting a 5G in a couple of days.)
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oaf: No, unfortunately.
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