Engagement/Wedding paired gifts?
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A number of years back I gave a pair of Swatches like these as a wedding gift. It's hard to tell from the photo, but one watch has the hours, the other has the minutes. They belong together so much that they barely function separately. I have a bunch of wedding-related gifts to give in the near future. Can anyone recommend paired things in a similar vein?
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I really don't mean to snark, but my personal understanding of wedding gifts is that they are meant to be at least moderately useful (this might, of course, be an American and/or midwestern (American) thing, and if that is so please accept my apologies).

That said, if you're trying to stick with the paired motif but add in an element of practicality, some paired things I can think of off the top of my head would be: bookends, candlesticks, salt and pepper shakers. All useful by themselves (okay maybe not the salt and pepper shakers), but meant to always be together.
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Response by poster: To the best of my understanding of local Australian culture (and my friends) there is no need for any gifts to be practical.

The bookends thing gives me an idea though.
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A pair of webcams?
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A pair of gargoyles to guard their front door.

I once gave a pair of gargoyles to someone. They were cheap gargoyles, though, so they were identical rather than opposite. Maybe you can find some better gargoyles somewhere.
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I would disagree with the sentiment that wedding gifts have to be useful in a practical sense - part of the joy that comes with gifting others on the occasion of marriage is celebrating the union itself, spiritually or functionally. When my husband and I got married, we got a few things that aren't functional, but I would be sad not to have them - including a few pieces of artwork, which certainly aren't functional in the "I'm setting up a household" sense.

I love the watches - what a lovely idea. Another idea might be matching champagne flutes for their first toast.
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I've given (and received) plenty of wedding gifts with no real purpose than to collect dust on a shelf. While I prefer more utilitarian gifts, this/these goblet(s) may suit your needs. I got it/them for my brother years ago.
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Salt and pepper shakers.
A lot of local artists or unique boutiques create custom designed ceramic/glass/china/plastic shakers. They have a practical sense, yet they can be viewed more as art or even a motif if you want. I've seen some great pop-art shakers, or even vintage antique shakers. You could even continue with the black and white theme...
Below is just an example of an option...

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Seconding the salt and pepper shakers. The most wedding appropriate ones I've seen are the hug ones - ceramic or metallic
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