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Albania - where to stay, what to do?

I'm going to Albania for all of August. Entering and leaving from Tirana, but very interested in travel in country, to Kosovo, maybe to neighboring countries as well. I want to learn the Albanian language (as much as possible - obviously I won't learn all of it in a month!) get a feel for the culture, and also just have fun hanging out in cafes and on the beaches. It's an extended learning vacation.

Mefites: any suggestions on where to stay, what to do, maybe even, dare I hope, people I could meet up with while there?
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try contact the folks at couch-surfing (click on albania, 17 current members)
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Tirana is famous for its repainted apartments--about five years ago tons of them were covered in the most boisterous colors imaginable. It's an initiative of the wild-and-crazy mayor.
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I know several Albanian immigrants from Kosovo. They work a block from my office (where I am now). I'll try and find the time today to go ask them. If I forget, e-mail me to remind me!
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Albania, Albania, it borders on the Adriatic ...
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