How do I fit my 3 kids into my smallish car?
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Help me find a suitable carseat before vacation this year. Details inside.

I have a 7-year-old (in a booster seat), a 5-year-old (same kind of booster seat) and a 16-month-old who rides in a Fisher-Price Safe Embrace (greatest carseat ever made, IMHO). Problem - they fit fine in Mommy's 98 Volvo wagon, but lateral space is a teensy bit tighter in my 1995 BMW 525i sedan, which is what we'll be driving from Nashville to the Outer Banks in July, about 700 miles or so. (My car's in better shape and gets better mileage.)

Useful (I hope) data:

Useable hip room: 46 inches
Useable shoulder room (remaining, for the center): 15 inches

So. My hope against hope is that there is some enterprising family out there with the same or similar car / kid combo who has already solved this problem. What'd you buy?

Failing that, does anyone know of any non-monstrous car seats for under 2 years old (she weighs about 25 pounds) that don't have a bunch of curves and baubles that she won't care about? NB - She *will not* tolerate facing backwards.
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Can the seven year old ride without a booster, in the seat proper?
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Excellent question. My wife says she shoud weigh 80 pounds or be 12 years old, whichever comes first. So, based on that, no. But thanks for asking. :)

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I have heard that the Cosco Touriva is a narrow car seat. Many moms like it for travel, and for multiples in the backseat. There are reviews on the Internet. Have a good trip!
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