Where can I recycle my batteries?
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BatteryFilter: Where can I recycle my batteries in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada?

(Battery Type Alkaline: AAA, AA, C, &c.)
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Radio Shack (in Canada) used to accept some batteries. I'd ask there... Or rather The Source, or whatever they call it now.
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I don't know about Canada, but in the US almost all alkaline batteries are thrown away in the general trash.

Not rechargeables however, and I don't know how many people I've caught tossing them in the trash.

But yeah, Radio Shark in the US is the place I always bring mine.
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The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation coordinates the recycling of rechargeable batteries in North America. A list of retail locations in Winnipeg, Maniboa that accept rechargeable batteries for recycling is available here.
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Here is a list of all collection locations within 5 miles of R3L 1J4.
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The poster is asking about non-rechargeables, I think. You might try calling these guys; I take non-rechargeable batteries for 'processing' to a DFO location in my city.
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I'm quite sure that Prairie Battery will do it. If not, email me. I work at a hospital and we have battery recycling bins.

I'd be glad to get them into the bins for you.
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I take mine into work, the H&PS guys dispose of them for us.
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Late reply, but...
I actually did this myself only a couple of months ago, although I was recycling big boxes of old UPS batteries. Chisick Metal (2141 Logan, not far off Route 90) will take as many batteries as you care to turn in. If you have a whole bunch of them (probably 50+ pounds), they'll even give you money for them.
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