Punny dog names
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Giacomo Poochini, Rover Cleveland, Rutherford B. Bays, Billie Howliday...

I need more punny dog names, with particular interest in the more esoteric/nerdy/historical names. So Mary Louise Barker good, Droolius Caesar better, and Dwight D. Eisenhowler best.
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Michael Canine.
Bark Simpson.

Mr. Oflinkey insists I also give you his favorite punny cat name: Clawed Le Mew.
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George & Ira Grrr-shwin
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Luciano Pawvarotti
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Woofdrow Wilson
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Bob Barker?
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Johan Sebastian Bark
Joan of Bark
Barko Polo
(this is fun!)
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Doglaus MacArthur
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Andy Warhowl
Notpullingthe Boneapart
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Oedipus Rex
Jesus Nazarenus Rex Judaeorum
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Lady Dogiva
Snarl Marx
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Johan Kibbler
Arfred Einstein
Stephen Pawking
Clawed Shannon
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Fetcher Christian
Karl Rover
Bernard Malamute
Joe Cocker Spaniel
Wolf Blitzer
Legendary film critic Pawline Kael
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Maybe a stretch, but former president of Turky Kemal Ataturk --> Kennel Ataboy!

There's also, of course, President Rover Cleveland

Sorry. Sorry.
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Woofy Allen (he left Mia Marrow.. hmm, that ones weak)
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Collie Kibble. (Hey, you said esoteric . . . )
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Britney Spaniel
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Pugsy Siegel
Beagle Bailey
Airedale Carnegie
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getting progressively worse:
Martin Muzzlewit
Rod Brindle'Amour
Richard, Cur-de-Leon
Sun "She" Tzu
Sweetie of Mastiff
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Growlcho Marx
Babe Woof
Dogaustus Caesar
Christopher Columbark
Dobie Gillis
Fu Dobermanchu (or Dobermanchew)
Barbruff Streisand
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Li Paw
Gilgameow (sorry, couldn't help it)
Pad Dameron
Douglas MacArfur
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i know this is dogs but my friend has a cat named chairman meow and i think its brilliant.
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Chehuahua Guevara
Dachshund Hammutt
Spalding Greyhound
Edmund Husky
Jed Clampitbull

And earlier, of course, that should have been Dogustus Caesar.
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Butrous Butrous Doggy

(atom128: we call one of our cats Chairman Meow as a nickname, heh.)
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Aaron Grrr
Collie North
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Karl Barks
Ezra Hound
Immanuel Pant
Arthur C. Bark
Ludwig Woofgenstein
Bertrand Russell Terrier
Leonardo Dog Vinci (Leonardog? I don't know...)
Barkimedes (Barchimedes?)
Nicolaus Pupernicus
Dogenes the Cynic

Also, because I just happened to think of them, two cows:
J.R.R. Holstein
Cowlexander the Great
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Frederick Puglass
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Benjamin "Bugsy" Beagle

(Sorry, I keep thinking I'm done, then another pops into my head.)
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Not to be all let's-all-hold-hands-we're-all-winners but I really did love all the answers. Grrr-shwin and Johan Kibbler both had me exclaiming aloud with delight though, and so they earned special mention.
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Hindmost, I'd love to know what these names are for. Please say cartoon characters.
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A friend of mine had a dog named Gordon Whitefoot. To this day it's the best-named dog I've met.
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Aldous Husky
Mary Higgins Bark
Claude Saint Bernard
Mongrel Thatcher
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I know someone with a cat named Edward R. Meow ;)
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My girlfriend, on seeing this, adds: "What about Howlexander the Great? Also, Fido Castro. ...I guess Meowsolini isn't really what you're looking for, or Mewsolini."
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"Joe McArfy
J.K. Growling
Mutter Theresa
Mutthatma Gandhi
Pup John Paul II (or any other Pup)
Snarls Darwin"
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"Hairy S Truman"
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"Theodore Ruffsevelt
F. Scotty Fitzgerald
Thomas Jef-fur-son
Sir Walter Pawley
Christarfur Columbus"
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Bark, Offenbark & DePussy.
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David Bow-wow-ie (and your big fat dog)
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Pierre Fur-met
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In one of the Wallace & Grommet flicks, Grommet was reading "War & Peace" by Fido Dogstoevsky.
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The full name of my childhood dog was Winnie The Pooch. : )
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Charles Barkley
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After The War (yes, it's very obscure)
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It's not very high brow, but my parents had an Ally McBeagle for several years.

I also know a family whose last name was Chess, who had a dog Harry.
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Wolfgang, and Pavlov.
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Or riffs theron. Pawvlov, maybe?
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My dog is named La Chienne Nikita, an alternate name was Chi Chi Dogriguez.
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Easy Money
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"Deefur" as in - D for Dog
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How about...

Groucho (or Chico or Harpo) Marks?
[every good dog needs to check their P-Mail after all]

Or a play on Philosophers...
Heibegger or heidigger? Or Schopenshnauser?

Or artists...
Or Baythoven? Or Van Gogh Fetch?

Or, for good ol' Sam Clemens...
Mark Twees?

Or scandinavian mythology...

Or by prescription only...

Or Latin?
Carpe Osteo - ulum? [seize the bone]

Or T.V....

Or Watergate/politics
G. Gordon Setter?
Jaquelyn Bouvier? [aka - a dog of Flanders and JFK's bride]

Stop me before I pun again!!!
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