What's the most delicious lube?
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What are the best flavored lubricants?

The ideal solution would taste good, and work well for handjobs that transition into oral. Even better would be a vendor who sells samplers that include a whole bunch of flavors and brands.
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how does one reply anonimously... Chocolate sauce?
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Chocolate sauce?!? I cannot even imagine how long it would take to wash that off.
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in my experience they all taste kind of chemically, but the most inobtrusive ones, IMO, are the Wet lubes and the O'My lubes. Both glyercin-based so cleanup is easy. See if you can find them in the little one-dose sample packs and pick up a handful (no puns!) of flavors. I found some of the flavors to be terrible, and some to be delicious (for flavored lube).
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(I'm not Anonymous, but if I were, casconed, I'm sure I'd want your opinion on which flavors are good).
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I got this terrific stuff at a "Surprise Party" , one of those cheesy women-only parties where they sell Schtupperware. It's called "Au Natural" (yes, it should be Au Naturel, but what can I tell you.) It tastes and smells like vanilla cupcakes -- no chemical flavor at all, at least to my palate. It's safe with condoms and it's not sticky or anything (sometimes the flavored lubes can be syrupy.) I've only every found it through the Surprise Party people, so unfortunately I can't tell you where else to get it. It works well for both male and female equipment.
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Here's what the experts at Blowfish have to say.

They're a great site. They only carry products that the staff has tried and likes.
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Early to Bed has samplers of flavored lube, here. I think I've also seen tiny ones from Planned Parenthood, but I could be wrong.
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Don't go for flavored. They're all gross. Go for totally flavorless Eros. Amazing. (Don't use it with anything else silicone tho, like toys)
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Kama Sutra Oils of Love are pretty much the best thing ever in this field. There is no disgusting aftertaste or chemically taste at all.

product review
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I've tried Raspberry and Strawberries & Champagne and both were delicious. Also, they don't stain, are condom safe, and easy to wash off.
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