breakfast/sports bars in SF??
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WorldCupFilter: Where can I watch the 7am PDT games in San Francisco?

Some information searching has turned up this but I think both Farolito and Steps of Rome, as colorful as they both are in their own way, will be too small and crowded.

Are there any other lesser-known places/bars that are opening up early for the 7am matches. Mission district would be ideal. I'm particularly thinking about the Portugal-Mexico game here...

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I'm pretty sure I saw a sign outside the Napper Tandy on 24th & ? (Alabama or so? a few blocks east of Mission) that they were showing every game. And I would assume that nearly every food venue, if not bars, will be open for the Mexico game. Service might be terrible.
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The Pig and Whistle (Geary) and Mad Dog in the Fog (Haight) are both known doing all manner of World Cup madness.
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Elixir, on Guerrero at 16th, is advertising breakfast and World Cup soccer, so I assume they're open that early (and they usually have a great Bloody Mary bar!).
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that looks great occhiblu! There's more info on this elixir page.

I'll probably walk around the mission too today or tomorrow and post here if i find other places. I'm going to be going out for 7am games this week:

tuesday: Ecuador-germany!
wednesday: portugal-mexico!
thursday: czech-italy! (sorry united states)
friday: spain-saudi arabia

Thanks so far! Keep them coming!
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Kezar Pub, on Stanyan near Waller.
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I just finished watching the Spain / Tunisia game at the Irish Bank down in the Financial District. They open at 7am Tuesday-Thursday, not sure other days. 2 nice projection TVs, one in each room.
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The pub on the corner of my street The Liberties- 22nd and Guerrero is showing all the games. They also have a full kitchen.

The place that used to be Dylan's - Folsom and 19thish? - has a sign out front that they are showing all the games. Haven't been there since they changed owners. I think it's called The Homestead.

Mad Dog in the Fog serves a fantastic traditional English breakfast and is open for all matches - Haight and Filmore. Saw Mexico - Iran there last weekend and it was full without being crowded.
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In case anyone is reading...

The Liberties was closed. Farolito was closed (but they will be open for the Mexico game tomorrow) Napper Tandy had a sign out front that said theywere open but they looked very closed - didnt stop to check.

Elixir was open. I watched much of the Ger-Ecu game there this morning. Too early to get drunk but they were making coffee.

Didn't make it up to the Mad Dog but may do so tomorrow.

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