I need a handyman/contractor STAT
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So after my water heater started leaking (a water heater that was located curiously in the attic), I've lost about half the ceiling in my bathroom to water damage. Does anyone know a reasonably priced and RELIABLE handyman/contractor in the Tampa Bay area? I'm in North Tampa, near Lutz, if that helps. Speed is of the essence, since there is a giant, AC sucking hole in the ceiling. The water heater has also been replaced already. I just need the ceiling fixed.
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I've heard that you can get very good trustworthy contractors through Service Magic. I've listed a few jobs there for pricing purposes., gotten fast response and follow up from contractors via the telephone, usually within an hour or two.
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I used them to find a local cabinetmaker to put together some built-ins and was very happy with the result. Just be SUPER SPECIFIC as to what you need.
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I've used Service Magic before too, twice with good result, and twice without any responses at all.

I have put in an e-mail with my cousin, who owns a Lutz-local airconditioning company to see if they have any local contractors they like to use for wall and ceiling repairs.
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I would recommend checking Angie's List (www.angieslist.com) to see if there is a local chapter for Tampa. It's not free, but is (IMHO) a reliable source of reviews by real people.
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Well, my cousin got back to me, but they use part of their extended)family which isn't terribly local (Clearwater) when they require that type of work, so they couldn't give these specific folks as a referral.

If I had the time, I'd come take a look myself since I've done that type of work on previous houses. Sadly, I'm booked up for the foreseeable future.

Sorry, and good luck!
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Have you checked with your homeowner's insurance? This may be a covered expense (subject, of course, to the deductible). And they may recommend a contractor.
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