I need more space!
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I'm in a spacey mood today, and to that end I'd like to ask for your collective recommendations for good space related documentaries/videos - preferably web based for instant gratification :)

As an ex-astrophysics student, my preference is for the more scientific programs, on solar system exploration, astrophysics, the history of space exploration etc. rather than the chatty speculative documentaries that veer off into sci-fi territory. Interesting video lectures are OK too.

Thanks all!
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A whole bunch (93 to be precise!) of space links can be found here in my delicious collection: del.icio.us/hugeentity/space
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Response by poster: Thanks 0bvious, at least I've got something to read now :)
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well, there's "for all mankind" which is about the apollo program. havent watched it yet but it looks promising.

the series "space race" just aired on the national geographic channel. it was pretty painful actually. i have just read the book, which is pretty good, but the TV show was designed for 3rd graders it seems.

the tom hanks-produced HBO series about the american space program is pretty good ("from the earth to the moon").

sorry that none of these are web-based...
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No so much space as such, but a 3 hour, online documentary about string theory. It's called The Elegant Universe, presented by Brian Greene and based on the book of the same name.
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Response by poster: joe, thanks for the space program recommendations - they look pretty good to me too and I'll certainly check them out.

O.G. - thanks - I think I saw that a while back (probably an FPP at the time), but... I took a look around the NOVA site and they've added some new stuff since I last looked. There's a promising Mars documentary which I'll have a look at.

In the meantime, I've found a couple of interesting things on google video under Google Tech Talks - currently watching one about meteorite hunting in Antarctica.
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I've seen the DVD release of For All Mankind. It was very good.
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crikes, how could i forget "welcome to mars"? its really great. there's a shorter version of it that was filmed in imax and it is totally awesome, though its probably not in the theaters anymore.

i was surprised to see wayne lee on the EDL team - he was a year ahead of me at college and its strange to see someone you know on TV.
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The "From the Earth to the Moon" 12-part series is an obvious choice; it's the one produced by Tom Hanks. I found the segment about the design of the LM, and the segment about lunar geography incredibly interesting.
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there are some videos amongst my delicious links too, not anything specifically space related as far as i remember, but definitely a whole bunch of science, tech and sci-fi type goodies: http://del.icio.us/hugeentity/video - browse some more. My links rule even if i do say so myself...
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If you're into computer simulations/planetariums, check out the following:

(have spent countless hours using this)


And more...
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I hate to give you something that's not web-based, but my all-time favorite IMAX film, The Dream Is Alive is available on a gorgeos DVD. It's a 1985 documentary about early shuttle flights, narrated by Walter Cronkite, with stunning soundtrack music and, of course, heart-stopping photography.
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