Where to buy a car?
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I'm moving from New England to Southern Florida and I need to buy a car. Should I bother to look here, or just wait until after I move? I'm more likely to purchase outright than to lease, so mileage restrictions aren't much of an issue.
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Unless you need the car for your move, it will be much easier to move without the car.
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Also, in Florida you can get cars that have never known rust, that is a big big deal.
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Actually, the cars in Florida can rust, but it's more a result of ocean air than road salt and is rarely as bad as the northern kind.
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Good point, Jessamyn.

Are there any other issues I'm overlooking, such as financial incentives or regional deals?
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Also in FL you might have to worry a bit more about a car having been flooded any of several recent hurricanes.
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you will find a lot more rental cars available for sale in Florida. This usually means the prices are better and the selection of the mundane is usually pretty good.
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Sales tax in Florida is 6% if the tax in your neck of the woods is less (or more) the difference could be significant.
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I just moved down here from Chicago a year ago-- I can't remember anything helpful about car taxes, but here's a website where maybe you'll find useful info on moving down here. My email's in my profile if you need anything. Good luck with your move! You're going to LOVE the winters down here!
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Another bonus if you buy in FL -- you'll be much more likely to find cars w/ working AC and tinted windows.
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You won't likely get your registration fee back from whatever state you buy it in when you move it out of state. So if you wait to buy it, that's a bit of money saved.
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