is anyone aware of an online (or offline) extinction tracker?
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extinction tracker? ... is anyone tracking the daily list of vanishing species from this planet? like some sort of online resource of known exctinctions as they happen?
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The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources has a comprehensive searchable database of threatened species including a "What's New?" page.
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How exactly would you know when an extinction "happens"?
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i was thinking that someone must be tracking last known appearances of a give species - that may or may not have been listed as threatened?

maybe someone needs to start such thing? extinctionwiki ?
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Isn't extinction only based on the known number remaining? Meaning that a species "has died out as far as we can tell," or that "if there's any more of them, we have no idea where they are." ?

Mankind is known for losing track of the remote and car keys. Who can trust any given human with finding all remaining members of a species in the whole world?
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I've looked for but have not found anything like this.
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Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake features an online game called Extinctathon where people compete in naming the genus and species of extinct animals.

Wikipedia mantains a list of extinct animals and extinct plants.
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And extinct birds.
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Maybe here?
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Aren't most species extinctions of the insect variety?
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