Help me find creative gift ideas for my girlfriend...
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I'm looking for creative gift ideas for my girlfriend's birthday. Preferably ideas for things that could make a "long distance" package...

I'm looking for a creative birthday gift(s) idea for my girlfriend of 15 months. I originally had the idea of sort of a "long distance" package, becuase we live about 200 miles apart and only see each other about once or twice a month. I thought it might be a good idea to make a package with a wireless router (she doesnt have a network drop in her room) and a webcam and such. I'm looking for help either with more ideas for this package or a completely different idea all together. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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One of my old housemate's bfs made her a giant pillow shaped like him complete with a photograph of his face ironed on. It was for her to sleep with when he wasn't around (theirs was a LDR as well). He even made a couple pajama "outfits" (read: fancy pillowcases) that she could dress "him" in. I remember thinking what a cute idea that was.
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Instead of going shopping, try making something and sending it. It doesn't matter what it is, just so long as you made it yourself. That's the difference between "hmm, cool stuff" and "oh wow what a lovely present!", at least if you ask me.
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I have to caution against a pillow with your face on it. Even before Undeclared made fun of it years ago, I think many were with me in disapproval of that kind of gift. Same goes for putting your voice in a stuffed animal. You're looking for thoughftul gifts, not creepy ones.
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Yeah, the pillow sounds creeepy. The wireless router idea is a good one, but unless she's as much of a techie as you are, or you guys spend a lot of time communicating via IM/webcam, she might not find it as cool as you do.

When I was in an LTR, my boyfriend would send me coffee and sweet treats all the time (granted, he worked in a coffee shop, so it was all free stuff for him, but it was sweet because I always associated coffee with him -- still do, actually, gr!).
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how old is she and does she work? in her field of choice? does she have hobbies?
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I sent an instant birthday party once. Cake mix, icing-in-a-can, candles, a selection of candy letters to solve as an anagram and then stick on the cake, a blow-tickler, a standard party hat, confetti, a specific longed-for local beer, a disposable camera, and a present. I wrapped each piece in plain white paper, and stuck a giant coloured number on them corresponding to a list of instructions.
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If you're going for the sex stuff, you might try something like Clone-A-Willy.

But I'd caution against making it your ONLY gift.
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I'd say get her something that you know she, personally, would like, based on things you know about her. That is, make her feel that you're thinking about her specifically, not just about some generic girlfriend-at-a-distance.

Also, don't mail yourself.
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I am somewhat crafty and I love sending mail and I lived way too far from my boyfriend for way too long. I am none too rich so things usually tended towards the sentimental niceness of little knicknacks and handmade crap. I can't really help you with gift ideas, since we get each other the nerdiest presents ever for holidays, but I can tell you about the kind of stuff you can make that makes people go aww, they made me something.
It is easy to make cheap little picture frames out of card stock or light cardboard and either a thick colored/patterned paper or fabric. Cut out two rectanges of card stock one inch bigger on each side than your photo. Cut a rectangle out of one rectange, to see the picture through, that becomes your frame. Glue your picture on the whole rectangle, glue your fabric/paper onto your frame(with fabric, be sure to wrap the end of the piece of fabric around to the back of the frame andglue securely). Glue frame onto whole rectangle with photo. You can make a little prop out of cardstock too. Because it's handmade and not nearly as formal as a real framed picture you can get away with sending pictures of yourself, and if you're really insecure about coming off as vain you can leave off the prop on the back, implying they are not so much to be displayed as kept as keepsakes.
I hoard vintage greeting cards I buy at garage sales and thrift shops and send inappropriate cards for the occassion. A Get Well Card on your birthday, a sorry for your loss card sent just to say I miss you. I liked to use ones that were completely blank inside to draw comics. They never made much sense and I would be kinda embarrassed if anyone else but us saw them, but the point is you don't have to draw well and if you do draw well you don't have to try that hard and spend hours on it.
Does she have a pet? Get it a gift too, something litttle like some treats or a kitty jingly bell ball.
I sent stupid amounts of letters, too. Leading up to a birthday there'd be like one a day, and then like 4 on the actual event. It helps make sure they get a card on their actual birthday if you don't trust the post to be too accurate.
Are there any little things you think could make her life easier? It's not so romantic as something that says hey I listen when you talk about stuff. My boyfriend was in a cold freezing winter state while I was wearing tshirts and shorts in CA, but I knew he was getting chapped hands and cold earlobes so I made him a scarf and sent him some lotion. He could have bought the lotion in any drugstore or gotten a less ghetto-ly woven scarf, but it's the thought that counts etc etc.
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