Where can I buy PDAs in the centre of Dublin?
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Dublinfilter: Where can I buy PDAs in the centre of Dublin? Preferably Palm PDAs, but not exclusively.

I'm staying in the Fitzwilliam and I can see the Stephenson Green across the road from me. It's now 7.10AM and I'll be leaving sometime after lunch and would like to buy a PDA from around here before then. Street addresses / web frontends would be nice, walking directions even nicer!

Thanks a million, AskMefi.
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There are lots of stores in the Temple Bar area, which is just south of St. Stephen's Green; if I remember correctly, quite a few of them sold PDA's and the like. Sorry I can't give you more detailed info, it's been a while since I've been.
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"Mr. Calculator" on Duke Street (off Grafton Streeet, which is the pedestrianised shopping street that ends at Stephen's Green) is very nearby and has some gadgets (and they have a venerable Psion 5 in the window as some sort of nostalgic showpiece, so I'm sure they will have PDA's).

There is a branch of "Peats", an electronics store on Dame street -- head south down Grafton street until you reach College Green, then turn left and walk up a few hundred meters. It's the store with all the electronics in the window :-). I don't know if that branch stocks PDA's but it's on the route to the stores across town anyway.

If that does not satisfy then cross the road into temple bar and head through it to Ha'penny bridge (I don't think you'll find a lot of PDA stores in Temple Bar itself). Cross the river and go straight a couple of streets until you come to Henry street (another pedestrianised shopping street)

There are branches of Dixons, the electronics chain, and Peats. Dixons is in the Jervis Centre, a shopping mall reachable from Henry Street. There's a small Sony store there as well which might have something. Peats is on Parnell street, one street further south and parallel to Henry Street.

I'm sure there's somewhere obvious I'm forgetting, but you'll certainly get a PDA of some description on one of those stores.
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There are lots of stores in the Temple Bar area, which is just south of St. Stephen's Green

Temple Bar is actually north of the Green (or rather, north-west). I'll take off my pedant's hat now :o)

The tips that gds has given are the best bets. In addition you might find some electronics retailers heading up St George's St towards Aungier St and Camden St, but I can't confirm off the top of my head.

You could also try the catalogue shop Argos (on the web at argos.co.uk) which seems to have a range of PDAs available; they have a few branches in the city centre (the St Stephen's Green Centre near your hotel, or the Jervis and ILAC centres on Henry/Mary St - the latter are literally two minutes apart by foot).
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It just dawned on me that your hotel is actually right next door to the St Stephen's Green Centre, so you'll find it hard to miss!
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Thanks a million guys. I went to the St Stephen's Green Centre and looked through 'The Laptop Shop' and Argos to no avail, but I returned and found these fantastic instructions. Once again AskMefi delivers, I love this place!
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Oops! I'm also geographically mangled this morning (though with less excuse); Parnell street is one street North of Henry street. Not south. Sheesh.

Macdara's right about Argos, they will surely have something. I also recall there being a store called "Back from the future" on Aungier street that looked like the kind of place where you would get a PDA.
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You could also try Maplin which is on Jervis Street (which connects Parnell Street and Henry Street) and is literally round the corner from Peats on Parnell street.
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I went to both Mr Calculator and Peats. The former had the Palm TX for €389 (!) and the latter didn't sell any PDAs. As I ran out of time, I ordered the Palm TX from Amazon upon arriving in Belfast. Was only £189, far cheaper than at Mr Calculator!
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