Query for Megaphones
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Where can I get a bulk order of the classic style megaphones? (Classic meaning preferably not plastic, but I'll compromise on that if the megaphones are cheap and large.) Color not an issue as long as the megaphones are able to be painted. Bonus for free stenciling.
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Got me on ordering them, but it might help if we knew more about the proposed use.(i.e. as props, or for actual use in cheerleeding, heckling Republicans, or whatever)

That said, a functional acoustic megaphone is about the simplest thing I can imagine to fabricate out of cardboard, since it is simply a truncated cone... might be much cheaper than ordering and shipping a bunch of them.
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search for cheerleading supply companies. They're bound to have stuff like this. Are you planning to open a school for megaphone crooners?
Here's one for $12
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