Bio info about designer Friedrich Hermann Ernst Schneidler
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What did you do during the war, font question: I have found the perfect letter 'B' for a tribute tattoo. It is the elegant Schneidler by the German designer, Friedrich Hermann Ernst Schneidler, who is sometimes referred to as F. H. Schneidler. (The lower roll of the 'B' looks like my grandfather's belly in profile.)

I can find little biographical informational on him in English. He seems to have been born and died in Germany, during the mid-century. Does anyone know about his ties to the Third Reich. I just want to make sure that I don't commemorate my Jewish grandfather with an official Nazi designer. Thanks.
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Maybe this guy could answer your question, he appears to be an authority on fonts and the third reich.
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Yes, Alejandro certainly is an authority. There are also a number of other scholars of typographic history over at - I imagine you'd have a definitive answer post haste should you ask your question there.
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From this roughly translated german wikipedia entry it appears he was a soldier in the first world war, then died in 1956 from falling down his stairs. There is no specific mention of his being a Nazi. But it doesn't seem like he was hiding jews in his attic either, as that would probably be mentioned too. Even so, I doubt he was an official Nazi anything, as the german wiki would almost certainly note this.
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