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I'm toying with opening a site based upon the MeFi model for LGBT issues and community building. What software programs do MeFi and other online communities use to administer the system? I've really only installed MT and other simple programs before, so I'm looking for ease of install as well as ease of use... Thanks in advance!
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If you want Metafilter-style, there's a few knocking about: FreeFilter and MetaPhilter seem to be most popular - a lot of the *Filter sites are powered by one or the other (BookFilter, MonkeyFilter, etc.). If you got MT going, neither should cause you too much bother.

Trickier to set up, and more complex are Drupal (which is getting a lot of attention thanks to the Howard Dean campaign in the States using it) and Scoop (which powers Kuro5hin). I've never tinkered with the latter, but the former had me scratching my head a few times during installation.

There's lots more listed at OpenSourceCMS, with live demo versions of the various options set up - it might be worth taking a tour around there to begin with, and CMSInfo is another similar site you might want to peek at.

But, to be honest, if you want a LGBTFilter, I'd go with one of the MeFi clones.

I can't find it now, but I'm absolutely certain someone has already set up a LGBT community weblog using a MeFi clone package - I thought it was called QueerFilter, but that turns out to be a directory of queer weblogs...
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Bugger - I should've re-previewed. Angry Modem is much more concise than me ; )
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It's not just you, jack_mo--I'm pretty sure Queerfilter used to be a MeFi type site as well.
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I believe I tried more than once to register at QF, but the system was crap, actually.

I'd be interested in contributing to a properly functioning one, from a UK perspective, if you need assistance (I'm slightly less au fait with systems than you, moonbird - but keeen to learn!)
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Other people have already made good recommendations; I just wanted to say I think I would be a great project. I would love a site like that.

BTW, for kicks I set up metapfilter up a subdomain of my site. It was pretty easy.
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Oh, and I could help if you needed it.
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Keep us posted moonbird; I'd like to see the outcome.
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i'd be interested also.
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