Quality T-shirt printing that ships to Europe
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I'm looking for a company that can print a custom T shirt design and that will ship to Europe.

The printing needs to be of good quality (eg, not a Cafe Press-style affair) and the European shipping is a must. It's likely to be bulk (although how bulk, I'm not sure), but definately not a one-off Neighbourhoodies thing.

Can anyone recommend a company that can do such a thing?
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Response by poster: Dang, I forgot this: bonus points for sweatshop free
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One Off Clothing
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Not sure what you're looking for, but in the rock world Impact Merch ships overseas. That's a link to their FAQ.

I'd also recommend Merch Lackey out of San Diego. It's run by Pete from Rocket from the Crypt and he's a standup guy. Good prices, good quality, fast shipping.
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Response by poster: I've just come back from atmedia and there was a particular T shirt one of the speakers was wearing that I'm after. His current supplier of said shirt only supplies the shirts to the USA but he was definitely wanting to get someone that ships to Europe. He wants a supplier and I want my geek-shirt, so I'm trying to sort it!
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UK based Indigo Clothing were recommended to me a while back (I've not used them yet though).
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Speak to my mate Karl at
Say Al sent ya. Really.
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Sorry, click Rad Sheep
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