How do i qaulify to work in the F & I department of a motorcycle dealership?
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CareerChangeFilter: Im currently a network engineer/administrator and have been for the past 7 years. I want to change careers. Specifically i want to work in the F & I department of a motorcycle dealership. Im in Texas.

Im looking to find out what i need to do to be able to work in the F & I department of a motorcycle dealership? What Classes,Tests, certifications,etc.. do i need to have and where can i take these or get training?
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"Financing and Insurance", though I guess if you don't know that, you don't know the answer to the question either.
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F & I jobs listed in the classifieds mostly say "No experience required" - this is because its mostly a commissioned sales job. Can I ask what draws you to this profession? F & I people make a living talking people into financial products they can either ill afford or don't need. I can kind of understand being really into motorcycles and wanting to sell bikes - but F&I?

ADP has a software package for running auto dealerships - I can see that as a possible requirement - or nice to have - but I'd also assume any shop would train you on their implementation anyway. A motorcycle shop might not even have something like that - depending on the make.

I'd go into the kind of shop where you'd want to work and just ask. I'm sure if the shop isn't busy - they'd be happy to talk to you. Motorcycle shop guys tend to be a chatty bunch in general in my experience.
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Good luck. The guys I know who are in F&I started as floor salespeople, and were promoted into F&I because it's more lucrative. And there are people beating each other over the head for a floor sales job at a dealership.

I'd start out in car F&I and see if you can bridge across.
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