What should I name my bike?
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Forget about urban modeling applications, your son, your new screen name, your store, your new puppy, your funny stage name, your different boy, your domain, your band, your blog and all others - what should I name my new bike

Ok, for 3 years, I've been riding a 'bike'. Now I have bought my dream bike. Its big (61 cm), stiff, and made of a combination of Ultegra and Dura-Ace sprinkled on top of some carbon yumminess. Now help me name it. Before, my wife referred to my 2 bikes (road+mtn) as my bitch and my ho. Now I'd like something a little more clever. Did I mention it's stiff?

Of course I mean no respect to the OP's of the linked questions-just trying to be different.
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I named my last bike after the most beautiful road I'd ridden on it. Bodega Bay Drive, thus Bodega the Bike. Maybe you could ride it a bit, then decide.
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I think you should call it the Death Star.
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or Vader.




Gary Powers

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Neil Koder's Fantasterous, Spledifferic Bicyclomatic Funenstration and Travelating Device!
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I called the mid-80's Raleigh I rode to work in DC traffic

"The Horseless Horse"

feel free to apporpriate.
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nice freakin' bike, though - although the Gerolsteiner paint jorbs are sexy, though.. too bad. :)
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It's kinda hard to say without a picutre of your bike.

If anyone wants to suggest names for my bikes (1, 2) i'm open to suggestions :)
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Go the thesaurus route and call it Pompous McRigidPants? I believe you mentioned it's stiff. There's all kinds of synonyms and such.

Or refer to it as your "mechanical pal that's fun to ride". Don't explain it's a bike.
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oh i missed the picture in the original post, I'm dumb. My friend always calles aluminum frames beercan bikes. heh.
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kcm, i actually wanted the expert in Gerolsteiner blue but they had ZERO 61's left in the entire US - No Gerolsteiner or the natural carbon color. So LBS gave me the Pro for the same cost. Can't complain!!
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kcm you just gained some cred...and to think i nearly flagged your previously post!
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Holy mother of God atom128 I'm totally feeling the Red 3Rensho. In fact, I think you should name it "Holy mother of God"
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Spokey is a great name. Was it intended as a pun on Pokey?
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I named my vintage Raleigh Mr. Bikey. Perhaps Mr. Stiff? It's a conversation starter...
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The first rule for this sort of thing is simple: the name must have four words, and the first word must be 'the'. That's the rule. Informally, the name can be shortened to 'the' + the last word (or derivation thereof).

For example:

My bike is called the The Big Kahuna Burger. Actually, that's an '06, and mine is an '05, but it'll do for illustrative purposes. Shortens to 'The Burger'.

My car, an orange 1970 Volkswagen Bug, is called Doyle Das Wunderbug. 'Doyle' because of the first letters of the registration plate. 'Das Bug', for short, but 'Bug' has to be pronounced 'Boog', as it's a play off 'Das Boot', which was also German.

The eagle-eyed may be saying to themselves, "But that second one doesn't start with 'the', and is only three words." Well, they're right and they're wrong. It's the Teutonification of 'The Wonder Bug Doyle'. In cases such as these, the rule is flexible; that's what makes it so great.

So, now we've covered the basics, on to the naming of your bike. Sadly, I cannot help you, for the second rule is that only you can name your bike. Search your heart, neilkod, you know this to be true.
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Cyprian. More for the noun definition than the adjective. Sweet bike, by the way. Makes my Trek roadie look like one of those bikes you can buy at K-Mart.
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hahah nielkod - duly noted. :)
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Y'know, there's something about those curvy tubes that reminds me of a Spacelander. So call it that.
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Wow. Nice bike.

I'd call it the Mahalo Acquisition Vehicle.
Nickname: "MAV".
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My former housemate, head of the my college's mountain biking team, called his bike "Mister Bike." He loved that bike. It went everywhere with him, even places he didn't necessarily need a bike.

That said, I think I agree with Veedubya's response. In my opinion, however, "the" is strictly optional.
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I've got a bike,
You can ride it if you like...
I don't know why
I call him Gerald.
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27, MAV has a different meaning here in Utah.
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rickshaw jane.
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My bike's name is Bucephalas. You can't have that one.
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Don't know anything about bikes, but I love the way it looks. Something about the retro-ness, makes it look like "Skippy" to me.
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The Hussy or The Harlot (or more obscurely: Rahab)-- in keeping with "ho" and "bitch"
Five-One (61")
The Utah Scooter or the Ute Scoot
Mr. Miyagi
The Sixty-One
Salt City Cyclone
The Bounty
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Another vote for Gerald.
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Don't overanalyze. Looks like a Mike to me.
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Russ at LBS (Shout out to Bountiful Bicycle) - (Can I do that? ) suggested slut because of the nasty, dirty connotation, and that keeps with the bitch & ho theme. I like the nastiness of slut but it's just not as clever as some of the names here. So far I'm really liking Death Star, Deseret, Pompous McRigid, and Gen. Grievous, which was suggested by a coworker. I love the responses, keep 'em coming.
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neilkod: 27, MAV has a different meaning here in Utah.

Ha! You learn something new every day...

OK - so that might not be the best name/acronym. Substitute "Machine" for "Vehicle" and call her "MAM".
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MasonDixon: "Five-One (61")"

More like "Two Point Oh Oh One Three" (61cm). :)
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In honor of Lance Armstrong: One-nut.
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i'm starting to like Miyagi
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My black/yellow LeMond ('05 Buenos Aires if anyone is keeping track) is called Charlie Brown because of its color scheme. My wife's orange Specialized is called Pumpkin.
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More like "Two Point Oh Oh One Three" (61cm). :)

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When I was twelve I named my bike "Bobby McGee," so when someone asked with whom I went when I went somewhere, I could say "it was just me and Bobby McGee."

You can have that one if you want. I thought it was hilarious. But hey, I was twelve.
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Stiff, hm?
Would NeilCod or NeilsKod go too far, or not far enough?
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nice fuckin' bike!
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Or, perhaps: Onandon or, more explicitly, Onan'on.
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Mr. Wiggles or The Howlin' Buddha.
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If I had a bike with that color scheme, I'd call it Tommy Tutone.

Gerald is a nice name for a bike, but the bike in the Syd Barrett song cited above doesn't have a name. It's a mouse that's named Gerald. Don't let that stop you, though.
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(Sean Connery accent) "The name is Milligan — Shpoke Milligan."
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I'll call this one Bikey
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I'm for "Chauncey".

my first boyfriend in high school gave that name to the 'rat' on his chest... It has resonated in my memory since, as the.awesomist.name.for.all-that-is-inanimate
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