Online Invoice Payments?
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Online payments: I need a way to invoice and have clients pay invoices online. Not with Paypal because that requires too many hoops for the client. Preferably with something that will allow payments via a credit card using or Paypal Web Payments Pro.

I currently invoice using Microsoft Money and print the invoice to PDF and email. I need a way to collect invoice payments online using a credit card or bank draft.
posted by letterneversent to Work & Money (4 answers total) - I think they charge me 5.5% plus 35 cents per transaction - something along those lines. You can have the client follow a link and checkout via Visa/MC etc. that way - and is pretty simple to set up.

Auto-billing, which you can set for monthly service contracts, is really where this can come in handy I think. Not having to keep bugging the client and following up is well worth the percentage you pay to have them auto-billed.

One downside to keep in mind, though, is that your money is released into your bank account every two weeks or so - it doesn't instantly transfer.

The only way to go more direct than these types of services is to get a merchant account, which involves some relatively hefty monthly leasing/costs last I checked. I remember the conclusion I came to is that if you're dealing in thousands of dollars monthly, it's probably the way to go. Otherwise you can skip the monthly fee with a company like 2checkout - so if you're not selling anything you're not paying them anything. (It is a $50 one time cost to open an account.)
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Freshbooks is trying to solve your problem.
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I haven't tried it yet, but am considering Blinksale for similar purposes - found via this Lifehacker post.
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Which Paypal hoops are you referring to? Most of the ones for non-users are gone and it's pretty easy to generate a custom a web link for arbitrary amounts.
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