Social vs Economic Conservatism
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I need a link to the online test that analysis political conservatism and social conservatism.

Help me win or lose an argument. I did a test online recently that rated people on the scale of personal freedom (libertarionism) vs social freedom (socialism vs fascism). What was this test?
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Could it have been The Political Compass?
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This has some info on it, too.
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Those are two different tests in case anyone thought otherwise. The one in Yesno's wiki link is the American Libertarian Party's hook to show people how reasonable and even mainstream they are. It's worded to make make anyody who's not an avowed authoritarian or communist to think the LP might be a good fit for them.

The Political Compass was devised by Brits and covers the spectrum of Western political philosophies. However, because America is generally to the right of the rest of the West, many Americans think it's in some way slanted towards the American idea of what liberalism is.

The Political Compass is more comprehensive and seems to have had more work put into its design. Although I wouldn't say its designers have no agenda, I can say that if they do, it's not as transparent as the Smallest Political Quiz.
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What's the argument?
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There is another political quiz here, not as interesting as the political compass.
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If you're American, here is a more US-politics oriented version of the Political Compass. (Ie not affiliated, but based on the same concept, with more US-based reference points. Useful since as noted earlier, the "middle" in the USA is noticeably right of the norm in the western world, and it indicates the traditional territory of major US parties).
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