Looking for a gift for a friend who's moving to Paris for two months.
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I have a friend who has decided to go live in Paris for two months or more. She's searching for her next career and life move, and has always loved the City of Lights. I'm looking for a gift that is inspired, but practical. It also has to pack and travel well--not weigh her down. She's going to be free and hopes the city will be a sort of muse. She's set on luggage, has a place to stay, won't have a car, loves fashion, going out on the town, and I'm sure has plenty of maps. Somewhere in the range of 100 euros.
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How about a nice pen and journal to record her thoughts? Or a warm but light and luxurious silk scarf?
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a gnome?

seriously my friend's parents got her this little guy before she went to paris, and she like took pictures of him all over europe its adorable.
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Since she's looking for her muse, why not make her une amie du Musée du Louvre (officially)?
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A carrot peeler? They don't seem to believe in them over there.
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100 euros
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I had the same idea as typewriter - a nice Moleskine maybe?
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OK, I know you said your friend has "plenty of maps," but:

The ultimate map of Paris, absolutely crucial for day-to-day navigation, is the Plan de Paris par Arrondissement. It's a very complete, pocket-sized street atlas of Paris broken up "par arrondissement" (by district); it also includes Metro and rapid-transit train maps, and is just generally an absolutely indispensable item in bag, pocket or purse. Plenty of actual Parisians use it, not just tourists and temporary visitors. USD30 from Amazon.com, quite possibly less from a European vendor.

One of these, plus a couple of fancy notebooks (I second the recommendation of Moleskines, above) and a nice pen, would be a very nice gift package.

P.S. There are about a gazillion titles on the market about "How to move to France to live and work." It's a common dream.
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How about a really nice, compact corkscrew in her favourite color? Remember to pack it in her checked luggage.
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I think a journal would be an excellent gift (I'm agreeing with all the previous peeps that suggsted it)

I have a custom travel journal from here that is one of my favourite possessions. She made it exactly to my specifications and it was cheaper than a lot of the "travel journals" I was finding on the web.
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The plan de Paris par arrondissement costs about 5 Euros from any Parisian bookstore or news kiosk. Don't waste 30 USD on it from Amazon!
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Thanks for all the great answers, folks. Great link LunaticFringe.

It's shoppin' time.
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