Wedding dress shops in the Bay Area
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My fiance is looking for wedding dresses this weekend, and is wondering if anyone has recommendations for stores in the San Francisco Bay Area (esp. SF, Peninsula and San Jose areas). She is looking for places with a good selection of <$2000 dresses. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Gunne Sax outlet? (aka Jessica McClintock)
mid range sizes: (~8-14? or so)

35 Stanford Street, SF
might have weird hours: 415-495-3326

ooo! and when I googled their phone number this website came up. Could be good.
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Try this place in Fremont.
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Second the Wedding Gown Superstore suggestion...they also have one over near El Cerrito/Berkeley.
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Don't laugh - I went to David's Bridal here on the east coast and ended up with this dress. And loved it.

Here on the east coast, at least, there are folks who think of David's as "low rent" - much better to go to a small designer and spend the earth. But I could *not* have been happier with my dress.

There's a David's in San Jose.
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In Los Gatos there is a small shop that sells some of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen, wedding and otherwise. It's called "In the Olde Manner" and the dresses range from simple to full-on reproductions of classy couture from past eras. The dresses are very elegant. This isn't a bridal shop selling Vera Wang, though.

I'm sorry but I don't know prices. The shop is on University, near the corner of Main. On the same side of the street as Banana Republic.

Happy wedding!
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Is there a Macy's by Demetrios in SF? I bought my gown at the store here in the DC area for under $1000 and it's lovely.

Good luck and enjoy!

Also, remind her not to buy on sight but to consider pricing the gown with the multiple online vendor quote tool at All of the vendors come highly recommended.
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