Nobody walks in L.A.
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Is there such a thing as an online map of Los Angeles that denotes (through color-coding, for example) the time allowed on each street for parking (e.g., 8 AM - 10 PM, 1 hour parking only), as well as street cleaning days? I just spent well over half an hour wandering through an endless maze of "2-hour parking only" residential streets in West L.A. looking for a spot where I could park all day. UGH.
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I'm fairly confident that this sort of thing does not exist. What part of West LA are you searching for parking in? There are very few West LA streets that allow more than 2 hour parking without a permit.
posted by jonah at 10:09 AM on June 15, 2006

Sounds like a great oppurtunity to get your hands dirty, make a new product and sell it!

(to late, I am already work ing on it!)
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Crewshell - If you're seriously interested in such a project, contact me (email in profile).

Still hoping though that such a thing already exists. Maybe not online. A (paper) map? Anyone?
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I don't know of a map either, but here's a list of city parking lots in Los Angeles (PDF). Sometimes local businesses can be helpful in pointing you to the cheapest / nearest parking, too.
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No way. If there was, the city would not rake in thousands of dollars a day on parking tickets written to confused people like yourself. It's a racket.
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