Where to get older version of MS Explorer?
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I need to download version 6.X of MS Explorer but can't seem to find it on the Web. Can anyone pont me to a site that keeps older versions? Thanks
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It's the #2 most popular download right on the Microsoft site. If that link doen't work dor you, go to mocrosoft.com -> Downloads -> Internet -> IE 6 SP 1
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The evolt archive has lots and lots of old browsers.
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Internet Explorer 6 is the current version.
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a couple of years ago, msft settled a lawsuit with sun, which partially said that Microsoft would no longer distribute a version of the JVM that sun did not like. That led to microsoft pulling all versions of IE that included a jvm.

Thats why you cant find older versions on MSFT's site. Evolt should work. I fortuitously saved an old CD from MSDN that had IE5.x versions on it. It has come in handy lots of times.
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