Mac-compatible keyboard recommendations?
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Mac-compatible keyboard recommendations?

Several keys on my Apple keyboard died this morning, so I need to pick up a new one today- in other words, I need something I can pick up in-store in NYC. I don't care about wireless, but I'd be willing to pay extra for some extra functionality (e.g. programmable keys). Unfortunately, most of the programmable keyboards are Windows-only.

Mac users, what's your keyboard of choice?
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I like my Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. I prefer a split keyboard, and it has a whole row of programmable keys that work on macs, even my intel iMac.
posted by Steve3 at 6:50 AM on June 15, 2006

I ended up getting the logitech wireless mac compatible keyboard. I didn't really care about the wireless either but I really liked the feel of it and the fact that the mac buttons were there (e.g. cd eject). It was about $100 bucks. Conveniently enough, I think I saw it reviewed on Engadget the other day. Apple Store and BestBuy were the two places I saw it.
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Also, it came with wireless mouse if that wasn't already obvious.
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Matias TactilePro is a remake of those glory keyboards of yore that had microswitches. There must a US dealer, but I can't search from here.
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I really like the Macally iKey. Their similar iMediaKey has 19 programmable keys, including default keys for web, email, CD controls, and speaker volume.
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Good reviews of iMediaKey at Epinions.
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I will second the MSFT Ergonomic 4000. Office Depot and other stores have 'em, they're cheap ($50?), and they're really really nice.

The zoom key is actually good for scrolling. It's pretty configurable in general.
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The zoom key is actually good for scrolling.

*boggle* It is? I can only get mine to zoom, which is useless in most programs. How do you make it scroll?
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I picked up the Microsoft Keyboard- thanks for the help!
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The Tactile Pro is good, but any USB keyboard with Windows keys (which you can remap to the Apple key(s)) will work under OSX 10.4.
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