Looking for an outfitter for a backpacking trip out west.
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I'm Looking for recommendations for companies that offer backbacking trips in the western part of the country. Areas in mind are: Grand Canyon area, Santa Fe (northern New Mexico), Yellowstone, Montana, Yosemite, or any other great place to see nature's finest.

We are seasoned hikers/campers, but do not want to fly with our gear, so we are hoping to find an outfitter that will get us set up with pack and equipment rental & guide us on a back-country trip. We are open to a group trip. We'd like to get away from large tourist crowds, so that may rule out parks like the Grand Canyon. We're thinking about traveling in late September, early October. If anyone can share their experiences with companies, or give suggestions on great areas to visit, that would be greatly appreciated!
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start here:


be sure to take a look at the categories at the bottom of the page. My parents live in Bozeman, MT - it's a great place to do some hiking!!

Only drawback would be your timing... if you want to go to Montana you'll be hitting winter by Sept/Oct.
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